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Rules & Regulations

I. Service Classification

There shall be no distintion of this category.

II. Service Application

A. “Any bona fide owner or person having a substantial possessory interest in and occupant of a single family dwelling; or to each residnetial unit in an auto court, duplex, multiple dwelling building; or person holding property having reasonable accessibility to the source of and who is in need of having water supplied to his place of occupamcy or property may be a Member of this company by obtaining a membership certificate from the company. Persons who make application and receive the approval of the board of trustees may be admitted to membership upon subscribing for a membership certificate and by signing such agreements for the purchase of water as may be provided and required by the company, provided that no person otherwise eligible shall be permitted to subscribe for or require a membership of the company if the capacity of the company’s water system is exhausted by the needs of the existing Members. A fee of ($1.00) shall be paid for the membership”

B. The company may reject any application for membership when the applicant is delinquent in payment of bills incurred for service previously supplied at any location.

C. Violation of any of the provisions of these rules, bylaws, or any other regulation of the Company, the Company may remove the meter and discontinue service. Where the meter is thereafter reinstalled, the Member shall first pay the Company a re-installation fee of Thirty Five Dollars ($35.00) if done between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. If the Member voluntarily requests removal of his meter for a definite or indefinite period, the re-installation charge shall be the minimum monthly water rate multiplied by the number of months the meter has been out of service, or the established tap fee, whichever is lesser.

D. The individual in whose name the membership certificate is prepared or a tenant who has been designated by a Member to receive service and who has signed a “Water User’s Agreement” and paid the required tenant a deposit of Sixty Dollars ($60.00) shall be responsible for payments of all bills incurred.See Article II. Section C.

III. Initial or Minimum Charges.

A. The flat minimum monthly rate, as set up in the water rate schedule for the year, will be payable irrespective of whether any water is used by the Member during any month.

B. The flat minimum monthly rate, as set up in the water rate schedule for the year, will be payable irrespective of the seasonal use, in which event the Company may be required to remove the meter; the Company when service is again restored will make a charge for such installation as set out in Article II. Section C. herein above.

C. The Current tap fee shall be charged for each new meter installation within the limits set forth. Each meter requires a separate Water Tap Number and each Water tap Number will cover a separate individual account.

D. Water furnished for a given lot or farmstead shall be used only on that lot. Each Members service must be separately metered at a single delivery and metering point. All commercial use, including storerooms and stalls for business purposes shall be metered separately from any residential use and vice versa.

E. In addition to the collection of regular rates, the Company may collect from the Member a proportinate share of any privilege sales, or use tax or impositions.

IV. Company’s Responsibility

A. The Company will install, maintain, and operate a main distribution pipe line or lines from the main source of water supply, and service lines from the main distribution line or lines to the property line of each Member of the company at which points, designated as delivery points, meters to be purchased, installed, owned and maintained by the Company, shall be placed. The cost of the service line or lines from the main distributin line or lines of the the company to the property line of each Member shall be paid by the Company. The Company will also purchase and install a cut-off valve in each service line from its main distribution line or lines, such cut-off valve to be owned and maintained by the Company. The company shall have the sole right to use such cut-off valve to turn it on and off.

B. Each Member shall be entitled to not exceed one (1) service line from the Company’s water system unless otherwise approved by the Board of Trustees and provided that the Member shall be required to pay the prevalent tap fee for each service line. No new line or charge in an existing service line may be made which will interfere with any existing service line or the delivery of the water therein. Each service line shall connect with the company’s water system at the nearest available place to the place of desired use by the Member if the company’s water system shall be of sufficient capacity to permit the delivery of water through a service line at that place without interfering with the delivery of water through a prior service line. If the company’s water system shall be inadequate to permit the delivery of water through a service line installed at such place as may be designated by the Company. Each Member will be required to dig or have dug a ditch, to purchase and install, and to maintain such portion of the service line or lines from the property line of the Member to his own dwelling; or other place of use on his premises at his own expense, provided that the Company6 may, if the Board of Trustees so elect, purchase the pipe for and install such portion of such service line or lines, the cost of which will, however, be paid by the individual Members.

V. Company’s Liability 

A. The Company does not assume the responsibility of inspecting the Members pipng or apparatus, save and expect the required Ohio Environmental Protection Agency cross connection inspection; and will not be responsible therefor.

B. The Company reserves the right to refuse service unless the Member’s lines or piping are installed in such manner as to prevent cross connections or back-flow.

C. The Company shall not be liable for damages for any kind whatsoever resulting from water or the use of water on the Member’s premises, unless such damage results directly from negligence on the part of the company. The Company shall now be responsible for any damage done by or resulting from any defects in piping, fixtures, or appliances on the Member’s premises. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage done by or resulting from any defects in piping fixtures, or appliances on the Member’s premises. The Company shall not be responsible for negligence of the third persons, or forces beyond the control of the Company resulting in any interruption of service.

D. Under normal conditions, the Members will be notified of any anticipated interruptions of service.

VI. Member Responsibility 

A. Piping on the premises of the Member must be so installed that the connections are conveniently located with respect to the Company lines and mains.

B. If the Company is called upon to provide additional meters each place of metering will be considered as a separate and individual account.

C. The Member shall furnish and maintain a private cut-off valve on the Member’s side of the meter. The company is to provide a like valve on the Company’s side of the meter.

E. The member’s piping and apparatus shall be installed and maintained by the Member at the Member’s expense in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with the Company rules and regulations and in full compliance with sanitary regulations of the State Board of Health and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

F. The Member shall guarantee proper protection for the Company’s property placed on the Member’s premises and shall permit access to it only by authorized representatives of the Company.

G. In the event that any loss or damage to the property of the Company or any accident or injury to persons or property is caused by, or results from the negligence or wrongful act of the Member, his agent, or employees, the cost of the necessary repairs or replacements shall be paid by the Member to the Company and any liability otherwise resulting shall be assumed by the Member.

H. The amount of such loss, or damage or the cost of repairs shall be added to the Member’s bill and if not paid, services may be discontinued by the Company.

I. “Water Furnished by the Cojmpany shall be used for domestic consumption by the member, members of his household and employees only. The member shall not sell water to any other person to use said water. In the event the member shall rent or lease the property to a tenant, it is the responsibility of the owner to notify the company that there have been changes in occupancy, to inform the tenant that the tenant must sign such agreements for the purchase of water and pay such tenant deposits as may be provided and required by the company. The member shall remain responsible for all billings, water usage, and losses of any nature incurred by the Company, until such notification and transfer to tenant status is completed. Water shall not be used for irrigation, fire protection or other purposes, except when water is available in sufficient quantity without interfering with regular domestic consumption, then the water may be used for any other purpose. Disregard for this rule shall be sufficient cause for refusal or discontinuance or service.

VII. Extensions to Mains and Services.

A. The Company will supply service for temporary purposes, provided that the Company has water available in excess of the Company’s regular needs, and provided that the Company has available material and equipment necessary to supply said service. each applicant for such service must pay in advance to the Company the Company’s estimate of cost of labor and materials, less salvage value on removal, for installing and cost of removing such service.

B. The Company will construct extensins to its water lines to points within its area but the Company shall not be required to make such installations unless the Member pays to the Company the entire cost of the installation.

C. All line extensions shall be evidenced by contract signed by the Company and the person advancing funds for said extension.

D. If refund of the advance is to be made the following method shall apply: Twenty percent (20%) of the total gross revenue for water sasles per year for each service connected to the new extension described in agreement, for a period not to exceed five years, provided that the aggregate payments do not exceed the total amount deposited.

No refund shall be made from any revenue received from any lines leading up to or beyond the particular line extension covered by contract. It is understood that the Company may, as its option at any time within the five year period, refund in full the difference between the amount that has been already refunded and the amount deposited.

VIII. Access to Premises.

A. Duly authorized agents of the Company shall have access, at all reasonable hours, to the premises of the Member for the purpose of installing or removing Company property, for inspecting piping, reading or testing meters or for any other purpose in connection with the Company’s service and facilities.

B. Each Member shall grant or convey, or shall cause to be granted or conveyed to the Company a permanent easement and right-of-way across any property owned or controlled by the Member wherever said easement and right-of-way is necessary for the Company water facilities and lines, so as to be able to furnish service to the Member.

IX. Change of Occupancy.

A. “There shall be only two types of occupancy: that of a member who is the owner of the property or who has a substancial possessory interest in the property or a valid tenant of said property designated by the owner and approved by the Company. Not less than one weeks notice must be given in person or in writing to the Company to discontinue service or to change occupancy.

B. The outgoing party will be responsible for all water consumed up to the time of departure or the time specified for departure on the Company records; whichever period is longer.

C. A charge of ten dollars ($10.00) will be made for each meter for each turn-off or cut-off, other than change of occupancy.

X. Meter Reading – Billing – Collection.

A. Meters will be read and bills rendered monthly, but the Company reserves the right to vary dates or length of period covered, temporarily or permanently if necessary or desirable.

B. Bills for water will be figured in accordance with the Company’s published rate schedule and will be based on the amount consumed for a period covered by the meter reading, except where the Member orders turn-on, the minimum bill to such Member for such period shall be equal to the minimum charge for one full month’s service.

C. Charge for service commences when connection is made the to the Company’s distribution system, whether used or not.

D. Reading from different meters will not be combined for billing, irrespective of the fact that said meters may be for the same or different premises, or the same or different Members, or for the same or different services.

E. Bills are due when rendered and delinquent after ten (10) days; if not paid in thirty (30) days, service may be discontinued by the Company. See your Water User’s Agreement for details.

F. Delinquent accounts that may be discontinued, as set out in Article X, Section E, hereinabove, will be sent a “Ten (10) Day Disconnection Notice.” This Notice will be sent to the person responsible for the bill. If the payment is not received at the Company office by 9:00 a.m. on the date of scheduled disconnection, service will be discontinued. In the event that a member is serving multiple users such as an apartment complex, duplex, or moble home park or has a mailing address that is different than the service address for the property being notified of disconnection, the Company will make an additional notificatin. This notification may be in the form of a door hanger, a notice posted in a public access area, or a first class mailing addressed to the occupant(s) at said service address. This “Occupant Delinquent Notice” shall be mailed to the person responsible for the bill. This notice will provide the occupant(s) ten (10) days to take advantage of specified options to avoid shut off of service after which service will be discontinued.

G. Failure to receive bills or notices shall not prevent such bills from becoming delinquent nor relieve the Member from Payment.

H. Tenant Deposit. A deposit of $60.00 shall be required from all tenants. Such deposit plus interest shall be applied to any bill for water service delinquent more than 15 days. Upon discontinuance of service and payment of all bills due the Company, any balance of such deposit shall be returned to the tenant.

XI. Suspension of Service.

A. When services are discontinued and all bills paid, membership certificates will be purchased by the Company at its fair book value.

B. Upon discontinuance of service for nonpayment of bills the deposit plus the fair book value of the membership certificate will be applied by the Company toward the settlement of the account. Any balance will be refunded to the Member, but if the deposit and membership certificate is not sufficient to cover the bill, the Company may proceed to collect the balance in the usual way provided by law for the collection of debts.

C. Service discontinued for non-payment of bills will be restored only after bills are paid in full and a reconnection fee is paid for each member reconnected.

D. The Company reserves the right to discontinue service without notice for the following additional reasons:

1. To prevent fraud or abuse.

2. Consumer’s willful disregard for Company rules.

3. Emergency repairs.

4. Insufficiency of supply due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

5. Legal process.

6. Directive by public authorities.

7. Strike, riot, flood, accident, or any unavoidable cause.

E. The Company may in addition to prosecution by law, permanently refuse service to any Member who tampers with a meter or other measuring device.

XII. Complaints – Adjustments.

A. If the Member believes his bill to be in error, he shall present his claim in person or in wriing, to the Water Company before the bill becomes delinquent. Such claim if maid after the bill has become delinquent, shall be effective in preventing discontinuance of service, as heretofore provided. The Member may pay such bill under a protest and said payment shall not prejudice his claim.

B. The Company will make special meter readings at the request of the Member for a fee of twenty-five dollars($25.00) provided, however, that if such special readings discloses that the meter was over-read, no charge will be made.

C. Meters will be tested at the request of the Member upon payment of a fee of twenty-five ($25.00) dollarsto the Company.

D. If the seal of a meter is broken by other than the Company’s representatives or if the meter fails to register correctly or is stopped for any cause, the Member shall pay an amount estimated from the record of his previous bills and/or from other proper date.

XIII. Abridgement or Modification of Rules.

A. No promise, agreement or representation of any employees of the Company shall be binding upon the COmpany except as it shall have been agreed upon in writing, signed and accepted by the acknowledged officers of the Company.

B. No modification of rates or any of the rules and regulations shall be made by any agent of the Company.

C. The word “Company” used herein applies to Ross County Water Company, Inc. The word “Member” used herein applies to Members of said Company.

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